Clarity Coaching

 By Mariquez Troost

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"Plan for the future but live in the present -it really is a gift"

- Mariquez Troost

My speciality is personalised implementation strategies, in life and start-up coaching. I use a holistic approach to make sure all areas of your life are incorporated in the planning of a course of action that best suits your way of working. Work through potential internal blocks that may appear by working on confidence, self-esteem, limiting beliefs, fears of failure or success, assertiveness, time management and/or anything else that may come up for you. Gain the tools to be able to carry on reaching your future goals confidently yourself.

I am passionate about helping people discover, design and create the life they REALLY want to lead regardless of their backgrounds. I have always fought to help those too afraid to dream to push past their inner limitations. I am a certified holistic performance coach and Association for Coaching member. My main focus is giving clients the freedom that comes from life-planning. Showing how it can be used to relieve the stresses of uncertainty and lack of direction. How it should be viewed as scaffolding to allow you to build your dreams rather than shackles to bind you!

I provide free advice, hints, and exercises on my facebook page I also give quick motivational updates on Twitter @MariquezTroost My coaching is indulgent, unapologetically, all my knowledge will be given for free on my facebook page.


For more information call 07931 323132 or email or


3 Months To Clarity

Group Start-up Coaching



VIP Start-up Life Coaching


6 of any combination of Brunch, Afternoon Tea or Walk & Talk sessions and 6 telephone coaching sessions. After an initial Passion Finder session we gather all the information for hands-on planning sessions. We will map out all aspects of your business to ensure you know what you're doing, when and WHY so both you and your customer have the best experience. The choice of when and what type of session the following session is going to be is chosen at the end of each session.


Simply Choose between:


Create a business that works for the life you want

Don't just create another "job" for yourself...

"My mission is to get you to your goals healthy, happy and with those you love!"

Thinking of starting your own business?

  • Unclear what to do next and WHY?

  • Overwhelmed by the number of tasks needed?

  • Unsure how to fit everything into your current life?

  • Find your motivation waning?

  • Lack of accountability shifting deadlines further away?

There are a lot of business start-up texts, courses, coaches and mentors out there. I would definitely advise getting industry specific information, ideally a mentor. However, once you are told what to do and maybe given a deadline you are usually left to make things happen on your own…

Book a FREE 1 Hour Clarity Coaching Call to discover how you really want to live your life, start to formulate a plan of action and see how we can work together.  


Call or text 07931 323132 or

We'll do this whilst optimising your physical and mental health and well-being to allow for optimum performance, maximum enjoyment and minimal stress. You will gain:

  • Clarity

  • Focus

  • Personalised plan of action

  • Support

  • Motivation

  • Internal and external problem solving

  • Coping mechanisms

  • Business Model

  • Business Plan

  • Operational Plans

  • Cash Flow Forecast

  • Private Facebook group for support and online workshops.

4 Central London Monthly Group Planning Workshops with personal Telephone Coaching sessions before, in between and after. Maximum of 6 people per group.

For those who are pre-launch or wanting to re-evaluate their business.

For those already launched or wanting to go at their own speed. One-to-one coaching and planning.